Sports Kit MIDI

Product DescriptionQuantity
Fabric Plasters Assorted 16
Fabric Plasters Strip 75cm. X 6cm. 1
Freeze Spray1
Triangular Bandage ( slings )2
Pack of 12 Safety Pins
No. 8 Lint Dressings Medium2
No. 9 Lint Dressings Large2
Deep Heat Spray1
Paramedic Tough Cut Shears1
Pairs of Latex Gloves1
Foil Emergency Blanket1
Crepe Bandage 7. 5cm.x 4.5mtrs.2
Roll Of Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm. X 4.5mtrs.1
Instant Ice Packs4
Vent Aid Mouth Shield1
Crepe Bandage 5cm.x 4.5mtrs.1
Wound Cleansing Wipes 10
Sports Bag Midi ( with dividers)1